He's ​Upsetting An Entire Industry,
​This Watch Maker Doesn't Give A F&%$

"We want to empower our customers to create
 their own success and show it!"

BY Andre Jackson

August 14, 2020

​How Did He Start?

Amir Meghani grew up in the world of watches. It was a family business started by his grandfather in 1952. Traditionally, it was concerned only with selling other people’s brands in a retail environment. So for Amir, the day to day hustle of selling other people’s watches was all-consuming.

The birth of a revolutionary new idea...

“It all happened by chance. I was 22 years old and working at my father’s watch shop in a wholesale district of Dallas. One day, a local rapper and his manager came into the family shop looking for a watch to wear in his new music video. 

We didn’t have what he was looking for – something large, gold, and blingy. But the hustler mentality in me asked him what he wanted and to show me photos of what he was looking for. 

I was able to find a watch from our supplier sources in New York that fit his need and I ordered two of them. 

A few days later they came in. I sent one to a manufacturer in LA we had worked with in the past and said ‘Make me three hundred more of these’. 

One hundred days later my watches came in, and that was the start of JBW.

Amir had a burning desire to develop a timepiece business with a big future and to create a proud legacy that people around the world and his family would celebrate for ages.

What he saw was a huge need to connect people from all walks of life with affordable luxury watches that also aligned with their lifestyle and unique identity.

How ​Were You Able To Do This Amir?

By developing close relationships with quality diamond companies and expert craftsmen who were known for creating timepieces for well-known luxury brands, Amir found a way to bridge this gap.

JBW has accomplished what other brands struggle to do: 

✅ Sell expertly crafted luxury timepieces beset with stunning, quality diamond diamonds, for men and women.

✅ Prices range from $169 with 9 diamonds to their popular ‘Jet Setter PS’ model with 550 brilliant diamonds, for just $1,999. Thousands of dollars cheaper than competitors.

✅ All JBW diamonds are 'from-the-earth diamonds', ethically sourced from conflict-free suppliers. The quality of diamonds used is I2, including some inclusions.

✅ Metal bands are made of 316L marine-grade stainless steel, which is the same material used for the case. This is highly abrasive and corrosive resistant steel that will last you a lifetime.

✅ Their gold and rose gold timepieces are 18K gold PVD plated. This plating process creates a 10x thicker and more durable coating that is resistant to corrosion from sweat and wear and tear.

​Amir suiting up joining Londynn B before her GRAMMY appearance

The Vision Of JBW?

For Amir, developing the JBW brand wasn’t just about offering affordable luxury watches to the world. His vision also included creating timepieces that resonated with people’s desires, lifestyles, and symbols of their success in life.

“We want to empower our customers to create their own success and show it!... What would be the definition of a beautiful watch? A watch that makes a statement.” 

 - Amir

Today, the JBW brand is ‘crushing’ the luxury timepiece’ market.

Since its inception in 2008, Amir and his sister Shabeena have created 250 unique timepieces and sold over 7.2 million diamonds in 40 countries around the globe.

We’re confident that JBW will continue to evolve and revolutionize the luxury timepiece market because they stay close to the ‘pulse’ of people’s desires.

​So Who Has Been Wearing JBW?

​Amir has had great traction getting his JBW timepieces on some of the top artists and celebrities since their inception. 

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