​What's The Difference Between Rolex, JBW, & Cartier Diamonds?

We did a little research to compare three luxury watch brands that use genuine diamonds to learn what their standards are.

​Here is a video ​testing JBW's diamonds on the JBW Jet Setter.


Rolex employs a large number of in-house gemologists and jewellers. Their gemologists source, buy and test each and every diamond that goes into their watches. Every single diamond is individually tested to ensure that it is real.

The standards for diamonds Rolex uses are incredibly high. All of them are at least IF in clarity and only those diamonds between D and G in color are used. 

Price for a Rolex diamond watch can range anywhere from $5K to +$30K


This is a relative newcomer to the luxury diamond watch market. However, because they’ve successfully bridged the gap between quality, luxury and affordability like no other company has, the word is spreading like wildfire.

Each JBW diamond is natural and sourced directly from the earth. And each is meticulously inspected by a certified gemologist to ensure the utmost quality and authenticity. These brilliant stones are then refined and carefully set on each timepiece by hand. JBW guarantees the diamonds in each of their timepieces to be 100% genuine.

And surprisingly, the price starts at just $169. It’s the most bling you can get for your buck and their selection of over 250 diamond watches ensures that you’ll find one that makes a bold statement about your style.

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Cartier diamonds are superior to many other brands with the four "C"s; color, cut, clarity, and carat all hitting the high end for quality. However, Cartier also states on their website that "A diamond is all the more exceptional if it is colorless" - a statement we take exception with. Why? Because often small inclusions and colorations in a diamond give it a distinct personality.

Price for a Cartier diamond watch starts at around $6K

​So next time you are shopping for a diamond watch, keep this in mind and remember what you are paying for!

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