You might have heard the phrase:

(or saw it on Pinterest in a motivational post)

“Dress for the job you want”

>>> What if that job is CEO? 

First impressions are everything in our fast-paced world and we find ourselves in a society that does just the thing you were told not to do in kindergarten, judge a book by its cover.  An elegant yet unique timepiece which expresses an appreciation for classic quality and innovation can tell the world who you are without saying a word.

There’s something about an iced out watch that says you’re the type of person to make time for.

What do Jay-Z, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Aniston, and the Kardashians have in common? 
You guessed it, an impressive collection of classic timepieces. There’s a reason why luxury timepieces are so coveted; they’re an investment that is made to last and appreciates in value over time. 
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From a humble family business to an international brand synonymous with iconic timepieces, JBW Diamond Watches celebrates

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“Cheap watches are designed to be worn and then thrown away, but we are not designed like that. We are providing stainless steel cases, movements from Switzerland, all our plating is 18K gold, and we offer a two-year warranty, globally. If you have ever bought a watch from us, we will service it, because we want people to value what we are giving them. That’s why we have diamonds,” 

Amir Meghani, co-CEO of JBW, along with his sister, Shabeena.

In 1950, Meghani’s family began their journey in the timepiece industry by distributing Swiss timepieces in the untapped market in India. While working towards the American dream in Dallas, Amir turned down a promising consulting career and supported the family business which had migrated overseas. With everything he learned, he curated his own line, cleverly catered to musicians and influencers, and JBW Diamond Timepieces was born.

12 years later JBW has become a staple in the luxury timepiece industry, selling over eight million diamonds in 250 unique designs in over 40 countries. The diamond watches retail at houses of haute couture such as Nordstrom and have been seen on the wrists of models and popular rappers like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

JBW’s statement timepieces for men and women are an investment made to last the test of time.

The innovative designs are for the new generation of timepiece connoisseurs looking for quality and style. Diamonds are in their DNA. Each diamond is natural and meticulously inspected for quality which sets off gorgeously against 18K plating in the finest materials. It’s not only a piece of art, but the design also assures longevity in the functionality including movement precision and water resistance.


Named the ultimate statement watch by GQ, the Jet Setter is a timepiece fit for the great Gatsby himself. This cult classic says “I own a private jet” on a business class budget. The epitome of luxury, this piece drips opulence, boasting a whopping 234 genuine diamonds, 18K gold-plated stainless-steel case, and five time zone Swiss movements. It comes in nine colours and is now 70% off at $649 during the VIP sale (was $2,165).


Phantom, the Rolls Royce of timepieces, is an elevated classic. This is not your grand daddy’s watch. Phantom stands out on a distinct square case set with 238 genuine diamonds, 18K gold-plated stainless-steel case, mounted on an adjustable, exotic crocodile embossed genuine calf-leather band. Choose from seven colours. 70% off at $549 during the VIP Sale (originally $1,825).


Heist literally robs the spotlight. Adding dimension to any outfit, Heist boasts 20 genuine diamonds, 18K gold-plated stainless-steel case, and a multifunction movement. Distinct yet classic, this design comes in 7 colours and is a STEAL at $289 during the VIP sale (was $455, now 37% OFF).


Cristal is a minimalist yet fancy vibe. This modern design is blinged out with 12 genuine diamonds, 1095 Swarovski crystals, 18K gold-plated stainless-steel case, and a Swiss movement. The stainless-steel bracelet is encrusted in Swarovski crystals, wrapping your entire wrist in endless shine. At 4-% off you might as well get all 3 colours: $299 during the VIP sale (was $495).


Mondrian is like an infinity engagement ring for your wrist, enveloping it in 144 Swarovski crystals, and you don’t even have to wait for someone to get on one knee. The effortlessly elegant timepiece shines with 16 genuine diamonds, 18K gold-plated stainless-steel case, 179 Swarovski crystals and a three-hand analog movement. A sunray dial & Swarovski encrusted centerpiece shows off roman numeral indexes. Customize it to suit your personality with 12 colours to choose from. Mondrian is $239 during the VIP sale (was $385, now 38% OFF)


Contemporary art fans unite! With a Salvador Dalí-esque design, Olympia has a 38-millimeter stainless steel case offset by a diamond-encrusted grid shaped designer bezel. The contrast blue second hand complements the dial, highlighting the unique design of JBW's signature collection.

In yellow or white gold, this work of art is only $199, 71% off from $665.

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