​Jamilla: The Fashion, Accessory & Lifestyle Influencer Is Back With Her Own Watch

​​"I love to style my watch as a piece of jewellery & having a matching bracelet is perfect for that layering look!"

​Today marks the official start of the launch of the Jamilla x JBW collaboration that has followers excited!

The Jamilla Mondrain Set is "the perfect balance of classic & eye catching" that jewellery wearers were looking for.

​What Is The Jamilla Mondrian Set?

​Well, the brightly shining iced out bangle encrusted in diamond and crystals is matched by a beautiful watch that sparkles in any lighting.

The perfect set to any outfit, this timepiece is held together by the accented bangle.

Jamilla is noted as wearing the most elegant styles, with no room for fashion that she doesn't believe in. This is why her followers are loving the collaboration with JBW.

She has managed to perfect the fashion forward watch and bangle which she models perfectly all over her Instagram account.

​Why Jamilla?

​As you know, her style is exactly what JBW has told us is "the perfect combination of elegance and style, and that's why we wanted to work with her for so long".

J​BW went on to mention how well the collab has worked, hoping that this special combination will excite her fans.

​Here is what the Jamilla Mondrian boasts:

  • ​The Bangle: ​a beautiful accent that perfectly compliments the timepiece. It has Swarovski crystals ​encrusted on a matching gold-plated stainless steel bracelet
  • ​The Mondrian Timepiece: ​the genuine from-the-earth diamonds fight for the spotlight around ​the 18K gold-plated stainless steel case and Swarovski Crystals.
  • The Packaging: ​Only purchasers will find out, but JBW has put together something special for Jamillas following. Custom packaging that represents the unique and elegant style that Jamilla ​represents.​​​

​Tell Me About The Jamilla Mondrian Set

J​ust about anyone who loves Jamilla's style will love the set.

​The Bangle:

✅ ​144 Swarovski Crystals
✅ Gold-plated stainless steel bracelet

​The Timepiece:
​✅ ​16 Genuine Diamonds
✅ 18K Gold-Plated stainless steel case
✅ 179 Swarovski Crystals
✅ ​Three Analog Movements​
✅ ​A Sunray dial & Swarovski encrusted centrepiece

Conclusion: is it worth it?

Absolutely yes!

​The limited availability watch and bangle is a beautiful accessory at an affordable price.

With limited time you won't have very long to decide, so check out the JBW page to read more about it.

How can I order my own ​Jamilla Mondrian Set?

​At the moment, you can only get the Jamilla Mondrian set on the JBW shop page. Jamilla also links this page through her Instagram.

​Order the Jamilla Mondrian Set on the JBW product page. Then experience the unique style and elegance of a JBW timepiece. ​

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