​Are You Getting The Biggest ‘Bang’ For Your Buck From That Diamond Watch?

"Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes - each with its own characteristics and individual appeal."

One thing is certain: You’ll want your diamond bedazzled watch to capture the spotlight, and make a bold statement about your personal success.

To do that you’ll need to consider your budget and understand the four main factors that determine a diamond’s value and brilliance.

The four “C’s” of diamond value are:

Cut - A diamond’s cut refers to how well-proportioned the dimensions and angles of it are, and this factor largely determines how well these surfaces, or facets, capture and reflect the light. 

It's so important in fact, that even a diamond with flawless clarity - another of the four "C's" - can appear dull if the cut is too shallow or deep.

Color​- Diamonds are formed in any number of naturally occurring colors, including gray, white, yellow, green, brown, and pink. However, some of a diamond’s value is determined by the absence of color. 

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) color scale is the industry standard for diamond grading and that includes color evaluation.

​There are two things to remember here:

1. Only a certified grading professional should be used to determine a diamond’s true color.

2​. The setting in which a diamond is placed can give a false valuation of its color.

Clarity - The clarity of your diamond involves the assessment of tiny imperfections both on the surface and deep within the stone. Flaws found on the surface are called blemishes while internal defects are known as inclusions.

Some imperfections are visible to the naked eye, while others can only be seen under magnification. Diamonds with the fewest number and smallest inclusions receive the highest clarity grades and as you may guess, higher price tags too.

Carat - The term carat is often misunderstood - it refers to a diamond's weight, not its size. 

Another popular misconception is that larger carat weight is preferable to smaller carat weight. 

While it’s true that a huge “rock” is often viewed as a status symbol, carat weight doesn't determine the 'wow' factor. 

As we mentioned earlier, a diamond’s brilliant sparkle is the result of a well-crafted cut. 

As a result, a diamond of a higher carat weight and a poor cut may actually appear smaller in size than a diamond of smaller carat weight and a very good cut.

All diamonds are unique - not perfect.

Perfection should never be the goal when choosing your diamond-studded jewelry and accessories. 

Instead, keep your budget in mind and look for pieces that match your style, clothing fashion, and the type of event you're attending.

Making the right impression, especially in cases where you only get one chance, is more important than price.

If you want maximum ‘bling’ on a budget, there IS a way to have your cake and eat it too.

One company recently turned the luxury watch industry upside down by successfully bridging the gap between luxury and affordability.

JBW offers watches with all the bling you could possibly want in over 250 styles for men and women.

​From JBW's founders: "We have provided entry-point luxury timepieces with genuine diamonds for over 10 years. Our goal is to get more diamonds on your wrist at a price you can afford. To do this we source ethically mined diamonds of SI grade, and G-H color from the earth with trusted partners to deliver unique designs without a luxury price."

JBW’s ‘Platinum’ Series is one example of their commitment to luxury at attainable prices…

‘Echelon PS’ - Features 570 dazzling diamonds and one genuine ruby. Echelon's core runs on a Swiss chronograph movement and features 18K gold plating and a custom case back. Included is JBW's four year Platinum Warranty coverage. 'Ice' up your watch collection with the limited edition Echelon Platinum Series - a one of a kind timepiece. 

VIP Pricing - $1999 ($7,200 MSRP)

Jet Setter PS - steals the spotlight with major shine and craftsmanship. It’s set with 550 genuine diamonds and five timezones Swiss movements. Brilliant diamonds are set across an oversized 52MM case, bezel, and metal bracelet.

The watch features multi-time zones, 18K gold plating, and a custom case back, with each timepiece individually numbered out of 300 pieces. Keep your wrist heavy with this one-of-a-kind timepiece. The limited-edition Jet Setter Platinum Series also includes their four year Platinum Warranty coverage.

VIP Pricing - $1999 ($7,200 MSRP)

OLYMPIA PS - is JBW’s queen of 'ice', dripping in 510 genuine diamonds and 13 radiant blue sapphires. 

The genuine diamonds are laid smoothly across a unique cage bezel, dial center, and metal bracelet. The watch features a Swiss movement, rhodium strength plating, and a custom case back, with each timepiece individually numbered out of 300 pieces.

The elite few have access to this limited edition Olympia Platinum Series - a truly one of a kind timepiece. Included with a four year Platinum Warranty coverage.

VIP Pricing $1899 ($6,400 MSRP)

Don't be fooled by imitations.

JBW's expert gemologists thoroughly inspect each diamond that will be handset on your timepiece. All their diamonds are ‘I’ clarity with G-H color. 

They’re all sourced 'from the earth' and come with inclusions, giving each one it's own unique characteristics and appearance.

If you’re ready to add some serious ‘ice’ to your look, JBW’s got a diamond watch in a style to suit the tastes of every person who demands luxury for less.

Check out JBW’s entire collection here.

What others are saying (verified reviews):

​Dylan L.

​"I have bought 2 JBW watches in the past and I love them! Would definitely buy another!"

​Jamie L.

​​"I have this watch and it's a show stopper. I get plenty of compliments for it. It's given me zero issue so far." (​JBW Cristal)

​Ricky B.

​​"I got the Jet Setter GMT ​... with 100 diamonds, its dope as f*#&."

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