The Shockingly Affordable Timepiece Collection Spotted on the Wrists of Models All Over Social Media

With hundreds of Swarovski crystals complemented by genuine diamonds, these watches will have you shining like an A-list star.

The staying power of the classic wristwatch — even in the time of Zoom meetings, and when many use their phone as a clock — says it all. 

Stacked among bracelets or solo as a stand-alone piece, a women’s wristwatch is an expert piece of jewelry, the ultimate utilitarian accessory favored by the most fashionable celebs. 

If you scroll through social media enough, you know it’s a must-have wardrobe piece.

But picking the right watch is a bit like picking a husband. 

If you find the right one, you'll keep it forever; but choose the wrong one, and you'll be dying to get rid of it after a year or two. Some of fashion’s most prominent figures are even taking the love affair with timepieces a step further and opting out of engagement rings in favor of a gorgeous diamond watch.

There’s something thrilling about investing in special luxury pieces as they can be markers of success, of anniversaries, birthdays, or simply, time. 

And from an aesthetic side of things, some timepiece designs are truly iconic additions to any outfit. 

The new rule for wearing a watch is if you invest wisely and style it correctly, your watch can look perfect at any time. Watches, much like handbags and shoes, are true investment pieces that will elevate even the simplest shirt and jeans ensemble and can be transformed from day to night depending on how you style it. It looks absolutely as chic with a white t-shirt as with a gown. 

However, whether you're looking for the ultimate status symbol or a sentimental heirloom, deciding which watch to invest in can be overwhelming. 

Not only are you looking for one that is affordable (like, under $500), but you may look for one that's made to last and can be passed down from generation to generation. 

If uncompromising style and affordability are your M.O. then look no further than JBW. 

They know after decades of perfecting the art of watch-making that the quintessential women’s watch is made of the finest materials, with a design that’s elegant, opulent, and timeless.

With REAL diamonds for an unbeatable price, JBW has you covered with its highly-anticipated extended line of Cristal watches.

These watches have been seen shining on the wrists of famous fashion models and influencers like Flo Guan (@floguan), Coco Blake (@cocofuckinblake), Brenda Urena (@xobrendababe)--  

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The Cristal takes its inspiration from the refraction of light, shining brilliantly from its precise angles as the watch catches and transforms every dazzling ray of light.

In three icy designs, each watch comes sparkling in gold, white gold, or rose gold and features an incredible amount of diamonds and Swarovski crystals.

With this collection, JBW has locked down its position as a favorite watchmaker among fashion’s elite.

Cristal is not only a bougie bubbly to sip on. Here’s what you need to know about the luxurious Cristal watch collection:

  • Each of the Cristal watches is powered by a trusted, high-end RONDA Swiss Movement
  • Designed for making a statement and wrapping your entire wrist with endless shine-- individually set Swarovski crystals (up to 1089 of them on the Crystal 28!), glitter the bezel, bracelet, and dial, and 12 genuine diamonds mark the hours
  • All three styles are UNDER $350 for a limited time

Live the life you deserve, phone into JBW’s Cristal Hotline to speak with a specialist about your new timepiece.

But if you're not ready to fully commit to one model, there's always the possibility of indulging in a second watch…

Upgrade your Cristal collection with the addition of 2 or 3 Cristals for an even deeper discount and receive a limited edition box. 

Save $50 with 2 or $100 for all 3 (so go ahead and grab two for you and one more to check off someone special from your Christmas shopping list). 

Your watch says something about you - make the ultimate statement with JBW’s Cristal Collection.