​From 9-5 Office Job, To 6.5M TikTok Followers And A Feature In Paper Magazine

TikTok, a platform that allows users to create 60-second mobile videos, has given rise to some of the most outrageous personalities, and “Rosa” is no exception.

Rosa is the creation of Adam Ray Okay, a 20-year-old, who became an almost overnight sensation and one of the platform’s most-followed creators.

No matter which social media platform you scroll, “Rosa” videos are being blasted around the world.

​This ​compilation, in particular, ​will definitely get your attention.

​Rosa is so popular right now, he recently caught the eye of pop star Rihanna and was invited to her new Fenty Beauty TikTok house - a place where top TikTok creators can come together and inspire each other.

​In a recent papermag.com interview, Adam Ray Ok was asked what led him to get on TikTok and what inspired him to create his “Rosa” character.

"I had downloaded the TikTok app and I was just scrolling, doing my thing. I wasn't really thinking of making my own content. And then I just got inspired by myself, my childhood growing up and, like you said, everybody knows this Rosa character and I felt that she had been forgotten about... So once I brought her back, everybody was just so familiar with her and that's why I felt she did really well."

When asked about his recent visit to Rihanna’s Fenty TikTok Beauty house, Adam had this to say: “Yes. That was so iconic. I was able to go with other creators and they were so stunning. I just found out that there are so many other creators that create their content in different ways. So it was cool to see how putting a room full of creators together and how we can come up with so many different ideas. But yeah, it was so dope. That experience was crazy.”

Whether it’s fashion, makeup, or humor, ‘Rosa’ has a flair for the flamboyant that you simply can’t ignore.

So, it was no surprise when Lifestyle Upgraded spotted Rosa flashing JBW’s stainless steel Cristal watch on I​nstagram that we had to take a closer look at this TikTok ​personality.

​Here is the line of watches that Adam Ray Okay wore on the cover of Paper Magazine.

The JBW Cristal collection.