$180K Rolex Vs. $300 JBW Timepiece

Where is the $179,700 difference?

“It's a matter of preference, do you like to be bold and make a statement or keep the tried and true?”

​BY Andre Jackson

​August 18, 2020

​We decided to compare a similar watch across two very different brands to see how they compare. ​

​Rolex is known for their quality, luxury, and the status represented while wearing their watches, but what if another brand could give them a run for their money?

​This article is going to take an in-depth look and compare some of the key features that watch collectors and stylist love about their favorite timepieces.

​The two pieces under comparison are the Rolex Pearlmaster 39 and the JBW Cristal. Both are beautiful ​watches that hold a sense of style while maintaining their beauty and elegance. Wrapped in diamonds, these pieces ​can definitely be ​styled with any outfit.

The differences may surprise you, but in our opinion, the Rolex piece is overpriced, while the JBW came in well under what we expected.

​Without any further introduction, here is what we found out.

​The Diamonds

​Rolex ​has an extremely high standard for the diamonds ​they use, but for the average shopper, these standards go unnoticed. Actually, what we found out was that most people could not even tell the difference between a​​​ perfect diamond and one with inclusions.

So why do people pay all this money for the perfect diamond? Simply because brands have marketed and chosen the "finest" diamonds as ​the only thing that will shine.

Diamonds are rated on a cut, clarity, carat, and color scale, with Rolex using the highest clarity and color (D color with IF Clarity).

JBW uses SI grade (some minor inclusions) and G-H colored diamonds.

We tried testing friends to see if they could find the difference between the color grades and clarity ​and no one was able to pick out a JBW diamond from a Rolex diamond. The only people we found that were able to notice were professional diamond setters and veteran jewellers.

A quote from the Co-CEO of JBW, "We have provided entry-point luxury timepieces with genuine diamonds for over 10 years. Our goal is to get more diamonds on your wrist at a price you can afford. To do this we source ethically mined diamonds of SI grade, and G-H color from the earth with trusted partners to deliver unique designs without a luxury price."

​The Movements

​The movements used within the timepiece ​is what actually drives the hands around the dial. It is the mechanics behind the timepiece that drives up value and keeps it on time year-after-year. The big difference between a quality movement is its ability to hold the time down to the second, month after month. ​This means you won't need to reset youe watch even if you put it down for a year.

Rolex uses a Swiss Movement, the industry standard of a high quality movements. The difference between the Pearlmaster and the Cristal in this section is the use of a self winding movement by Rolex. This means that the Rolex never has to change it's battery, but the user must wear the watch for it to keep time. It will stop after 70 hours without use.

As well, it is likely that the Rolex will keep time down to the millisecond, whereas the JBW may loose minutes over the year and need to be updated annually to show the accurate time.

JBW uses a Swiss Movement in the Cristal, with only a few of their other watches using Japanese movements, a notable second within the timepiece industry. JBW uses a battery to power their movement, which you can get them to change with your warranty.

  • ​Rolex. ​Swiss Movement with a -2/+2/day precision
  • ​JBW. Swiss Movement with unidentified precision. The Swiss Movement is likely to keep accurate time month-month ​​​


​This is where the​ difference in the price shines through. Although ​visually they don't show much of a difference, Rolex sticks to the highest end materials possible, even when it may not be the best practice.

​Rolex uses 18 ct white gold as the main malleable material for this timepiece, all of the diamonds are placed on the white gold​. The bracelet is also made ​completely from 18 ct white gold. The casing over the dial is made from sapphire crystal which is said to be more scratch resistant than non-sapphire casing.

JBW uses a non-corrosive, high quality stainless steel built for long lasting use and a scratch resistant build. The benefit of stainless steel is that it is a high impact material that will withstand scratches, dents, and general wear from constant use.

​Other Comparisons

​Here are a few of the other specification​s

​Water Resistancy:

​Rolex​ has a 100m/330ft waterproofing on th​is timepiece, making it easy to w​​ear in any water with no hesitation.

JBW has  a 50m/165ft water resistance on this timepiece, which is perfect for most who don't dive or drop their watches into lakes or oceans...

Case Diameter:

​Rolex Pearlmaster is a 39mm casing

JBW Cristal is a 39mm casing


​Rolex: A white mother of pearl set with diamond

​JBW: Swarovoski stone encrusted dial with 12 genuine diamonds


W​AS $465, NOW $279

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