With Over 250k Fans & 8 Million Diamonds Sold, This Luxury Watch Brand Won’t Stop Conquering the Industry

Quality timepieces are in their DNA… and these coveted watches for men & women are on SALE for the holidays

These diamond watches were featured in GQ and have been seen on the wrists of models, rappers, and actors---  Most recently Megan Thee Stallion and Keke Palmer...

Far from your average online luxury startup, the founders of JBW are masters of their craft with decades of knowledge in the complex art of watch and jewelry-making. The company was founded in 2008 by siblings Amir and Shabeena Meghani, whose family has been in the watch business for three generations. 

Over the last 12 years, they’ve earned their reputation for high-quality workmanship by honing their skills in design and production and creating state-of-the-art timepieces that accumulate an amount of bling fit for royalty - over 8 million genuine diamonds and 7 million Swarovski crystals, to be exact.

Their ambitiously designed pieces are made with the finest materials and exceptionally engineered Swiss and Japanese movements, all for a fraction of the price of high-end competitors.

“Cheap watches are designed to be worn and then thrown away, but we are not designed like that. We have movements from Switzerland, all our plating is 18K gold, and we offer a two-year warranty, globally. If you have ever bought a watch from us, we will service it, because we want people to value what we are giving them. That’s why we have diamonds,” says Amir Meghani, co-CEO of JBW, along with his sister, Shabeena.

While working towards the American dream, Amir turned down a promising consulting career and supported the family business which had migrated overseas from India. With everything he learned, he curated his own line which cleverly catered to musicians and athletes.

“It all happened by chance. I was 22 years old and working at my father’s watch shop in a wholesale district of Dallas. One day, a local rapper and his manager came into the family shop looking for a watch to wear in his new music video. 

We didn’t have what he was looking for – something large, gold, and blingy. But the hustler mentality in me still asked him what he wanted.I was able to find a watch from our suppliers in New York that fit his needs and I ordered two of them. A few days later they came in. I sent one to a manufacturer in LA we had worked with in the past and said ‘Make me three hundred more of these’...and that was the start of JBW.”

JBW has since become a staple in the timepiece industry, connecting fashion forward people with luxury watches that align with their lifestyle and unique identity.

How is this possible?

By developing close relationships with quality diamond companies and expert craftsmen who were known for creating timepieces for well-known brands, Amir found a way to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability.

Here’s what sets JBW apart from other watchmakers...

✅ Their expertly crafted luxury timepieces for men and women are encrusted with stunning, 100% genuine diamonds. JBW diamonds are 'from-the-earth diamonds', ethically sourced from conflict-free suppliers.

✅ JBW uses the finest materials that are made to last from 18k gold-plated stainless steel to ion plated black finishes.

✅ Prices are astonishingly budget-friendly. JBW watches range from $139 with 9 diamonds to their popular ‘Jet Setter PS’ model with 550 brilliant diamonds, for just $1,999 during their holiday sales.

✅ JBW continues to out-do themselves with bold yet timeless designs, powered by the best movements in the world, and made for watch connoisseurs and rule breakers who are looking to elevate their game. 

JBW's most popular 2020 watches are even MORE affordable with holiday sales up to 70% off

Top JBW Timepieces

JBW's most popular 2020  watches

JBW Men's Jet Setter

JBW Women's Cristal

The JBW Vision For The Future

For Amir, developing the JBW brand wasn’t just about offering affordable luxury watches to the world. His vision also included creating timepieces that resonated with people’s desires, lifestyles, and symbols of their success in life.

“We want to empower our customers to create their own success and show it!... What would be the definition of a beautiful watch? A watch that makes a statement.” - Amir

Today, the JBW brand is ‘crushing’ the luxury timepiece’ market.

Since its inception in 2008, Amir and his sister Shabeena have created 250 unique timepieces and sold over 7.2 million diamonds in 40 countries around the globe.

We’re confident that JBW will continue to evolve and revolutionize the luxury timepiece market because they stay close to the ‘pulse’ of people’s desires.

If you’re shopping for a high-quality, luxury watch that makes a bold statement about your lifestyle and success, without the high price tag.

Find out why JBW has been featured in GQ and why Men’s Vogue called JBW “the Timepiece Brand You Need to Know”

See for yourself what all the hype is about (verified reviews):

Dylan L.

"I have bought 2 JBW watches in the past and I love them! Would definitely buy another!" 

Ricky B.

"I got the Jet Setter GMT ... with 100 diamonds, its dope as f*#&."

Jamie L.

"I have this watch and it's a show stopper. I get plenty of compliments for it. It's given me zero issue so far." (speaking about the JBW Cristal)

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