From the drawstring type of pants to selvedge denim to acid wash denim, the fact is that the right pants can bring life to your closet. With this guide, we’re sure you can find the exact pant that defines you and matches body type.

Know Your Rise

Before going pant shopping, you need to know your rise whether it’s low rise, mid rise or high rise. It’s a cool thing to always keep up with trends, however, you need to know your rise so you’ll know the right pants that matches your body type.  

Here are the types of rise we have and the type of pants that would complement you:


Go for low rise jeans if you want to show off your hips. On the other hand, people with low rise hips are prone to having the dreaded waist gap problem – so ensure the pants fit comfortably at your hips.

If you have an athletic body, you can also go for low rise pants/jeans. Due to the fact that the hip curve may be missing, some pants may hang lower so a fitted styled pant with stretch should suffice.


This the most popular rise and is considered the most figure friendly you can find. It’s comfortable and perfect for every body type and it’s perfect for those that want some structure around their midsection. The best part about mid-rise jeans is the fact that they are compatible with all top lengths.


In most cases, they are considered retro however, the simple truth is that they’re a classic. People with smaller waist and athletic body types will love it. If you have an hourglass shape and you have a slender frame you’ll look fabulous in high rise jeans that stretch. This style is perfect for tuck ins and cropped tops.

Discover your fit

From trendy to classic, the best way to show your distinctive personal style is through fit. In truth, there’s no perfect answer but you can mix things up for more results.

When you come to the crossroads of choosing wash, you can never get it wrong or right as any choice you make is perfect – everything depends on individual preference. If we are to speak in general terms, go for darker wash if you feel dressy while lighter washes will give you beach vibes.

Dark Wash

A jeans with dark wash appeals universally to every body shape and size and it ages perfectly too. Make sure you add dark blue and black jeans to your collection. Keep in mind that you need to know how to wash it properly or they’ll fade after the second wash.

Light and Medium Wash

This is also known as the “Workhorse wash”. It’s appropriate all day and night regardless of the time and season. Here’s a tip you should always try to remember – the vibe is more casual when the wash is lighter. To get a monochromatic look, you can pair a faded wash with a light top.  

Colored Denim

Use a dark hue like olive or burgundy to lift a basic jeans and tee. Punchier colors are also perfect to wear during the warm months.

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