Finding a suitable barber is akin to finding the Holy Grail. What this means is that you just discovered someone with a broad knowledge of clippers and various hair styles – if you’re lucky, they may be a good conversationalist too.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the little details you should look out for that distinguishes an expert barber from a mediocre.

The question is, what are the things to look out for when searching for the right barber?

1. The barber should ask questions

The ideal person to trust your beautiful hair with is someone that’s going to give you the exact style you envisioned in mind. A barber that depends on guard numbers is most likely not the person you should give that trust to.

The ideal barber will ask you several questions like – how you’d like your hair to look, what you want changed or if you’d like to maintain your current style.

2. The barber should always ask for feedback

The time you spend at the barbershop should not be an in and out thing. A good shave or haircut should not be rushed in any way. The barber should always ask the about things you like, if you like how the haircut is going or the things you don’t like.

3. Give the barber a trial run

If you’ve seen a barber you like but you’re still not sure if he’s the right one for you, you can always give him a trial run. Rather than completely having your hair redone, tell the barber to either straighten your hair line, shape it up or give your beards a nice trim.

A barber that’s skilled with a pair of scissors or clippers can do this without blinking – it has become second nature to them.

If you notice he isn’t as proficient as you think, then it’s best to continue your search elsewhere. Luckily for you, since you started small, there’ll be no radical changes in your appearance.

4. Go through their social media profiles

In today’s world, almost every small business have a social media presence on Instagram or Facebook. In your search for barbershops around your vicinity, you can extend your search to social media.

This will give you a chance to see several pictures of people’s hair they’ve worked on previously. Ideally, they should have before and after pictures of customer’s hair that will show you their skill level. 

5. Ask hair related questions

Without doubt, a barber that knows his worth should be quite knowledgeable about hair, if not, then you’re dealing with an overhyped barber. Start by asking basic questions on tips that can help you treat your hair better, how frequently you should maintain your cut, the best products for your hair style and texture etc.

A visit to the barbershop is usually more than getting a shave or haircut, it’s also a wonderful experience. However, keep in mind that when you visit a popular barber, you may be in for delays especially if he is a one man barbershop.

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