Several women prefer to use the same hairstylist or salon for years for several reasons. Apart from offering excellent service, you can develop a bond, meet new people and establish relationships right as you make your hair.

However, for some reasons – you could be unhappy with their service, or you changed location –  you may need to change your current salon or hairstylist. Irrespective of your reason(s), we’ve compiled some tips that can help you in this regard, let’s dive in:


For starters, you have to put accessibility in mind when searching for the perfect salon. The point will be defeated when you have to waste money and time driving down to a salon that’s hours away.

Ensure the salon you chose is not only accessible, but it should also be centrally located – so it’s easy to commute from your house to the salon with ease.

Physical appearance

Also, be on the lookout for a salon that’s chic, elegant and stylish. On the other hand, that just a bit part to look out for. Most importantly, you have to make sure the salon is neat, tidy and somewhat busy, but it shouldn’t be too hectic.

The salon shouldn’t be so busy that it’ll take forever before they attend to you. Look at the kind of customers that frequent the place and how their staff respond to customers — first impression matters.


What kind of hairstyle do you want done? Is it a radical haircut, a trim, manicure and pedicure, colour, extensions, or a massage? It is not every salon that offers all these services as some offer a few, although some offer a wide variety of treatments.


The staff of the salon must be certified and trained as this can make a lot of difference. Ensure the staff is courteous, friendly, professional, discreet and knowledgeable.

Just like bartenders and taxi drivers, salon staff are privy to a lot of information, and it is essential they keep their client’s details private.


The best way to discover a fantastic salon is when a friend, acquaintance or customer recommends one to you. Be on the lookout for a salon that is not only well established, but they should also offer fantastic service and excellent customer service.

For you to get the best references, you can search for reviews on Yelp as well as social media. Visit their social media pages and read the customer reviews there. However, the best form of recommendation you can get is “word of mouth” from relatives and friends as they’ll give you an unbiased review.

On the off chance you spot a style, cut or colour on a friend or stranger, don’t hesitate to ask where she got it done. Do well to ask them about their prices, so you don’t get caught off guard in case their prices are on the high side.

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