A number of men are guilty of this fashion sin – they don’t really care about their belts. The problem is that most people see as a tool that is used to hold their pants in place.

However, belts play a significant role in your dressing and can affect the outcome of your outfit. Not only can it be the centre piece that complements your outfit, but when worn wrongly, it can also destroy it.

You can select a belt that fits your style and look by following these essential tips outlined in this article.

Get the Right Fit

The keyword here is “Fit”

All things considered, belts are a practical addition. A belt has a job to do before you consider it as a fashion item. Therefore, how do you know what this job is?

The size of a belt is determined by the measurement of your waist. Before you proceed, you have to know the exact trouser size that fit you.

If you’re wearing a 32″ trouser waist, the belt you should wear should be between the ranges of 34″-36″. Of course, there are easy ways to confirm this and you can do so by trying on the belt at the store. At least, wrap it around your waist while wearing your pants.

You also have to factor in the fact that the belt will become tighter when you buckle it in.

Belt & Buckle Styles

The rule of thumb states that when your belt buckle is big, it becomes less formal. Typically, dress belts have small and flat belt buckles as the belt are quite narrow themselves.  

For casual styles, large round shaped buckles are commonly used. Just about all dress belts come with either a silver coloured or gold coloured finish.

There are belt buckles that come with a tongue where the belt is passed through a metal loop. There are also belt buckles that come with a hook where a plate made of plastic or metal is attached. A hook is slipped on the buckle’s back and passed through the belt’s front.

There are also buckles that come with a sliding hatch. Here, the belt is passed via a metal latch and a peg is used to press the belt for it to stay in place.

Belt Categories

Dress Belts: these are often made using fine-grain leather, and it’s used for both the underside and top. Their width does not go beyond 1.5 Inches – anything beyond this makes it a casual belt. 

Casual Belts

Just like we mentioned above, the width of most casual belts are within 1.5 to 2 inches. Men’s casual belt can use the same leather and colours as formal belts, but the difference here is that it comes in more diverse styles.

Reversible Belts

Belts like this have a twisting buckle that gives you room to explore when dressing up. By pulling the buckle up and twisting it, you automatically have another belt. Most reversible belts usually come with brown and black sides.

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