Shoes are highly underrated and underappreciated as they are literally stepped on all day. A pair of good shoes can make a world of difference as it can either make you stand out for good or for bad.

One thing you have to note is that even if you wear highly priced shoes without taking care of them as you should, they’ll deteriorate over time. More often than not, this has happened to us severally.

You’re filled with excitement as you gift yourself a new pair of shoes. Whenever you notice a smudge on it, you clean it off without delay. However, as time progresses, the newness begins to wear off and you stop cleaning the smudges while they accumulate.

You stop caring for your shoes and in no time, your shoes becomes ruined. Now, you’ll be forced to purchase a new pair sooner than you should.

It’s an unending vicious cycle and you’re stuck in the middle of it. On the other hand, if you treat and consider your shoes as a prized investment, take care of them and store them – it’ll last for several years.

Taking care of your shoes is not a daunting task especially if you know what to do. We’ve compiled a few tips that will help you in this regard. Here are some basic footwear rules you can follow

Footwear Rules

It is imperative you understand and follow the rules that’ll help you increase the lifespan of your shoe from the first day. So before you start cleaning and repairing all your dirty shoes, you need to know the preventive practices that will make sure your boots, chukkas and wingtips survive the long haul.

Wear the appropriate shoes for every occasion.

Oxfords, boots and running shoes aren’t similar in any way and shouldn’t be worn the same way. In addition, you have to be conscious of the fact that suede, leather, and canvas aren’t suitable to wear during cold weather.

At all times, you should be appropriately dressed for all occasion situations to make sure your shoes don’t get ruined before their time.

Invest in quality shoes.

In the beginning, the initial cost of buying some shoes may be on the high side, but you’ll save more across the shoe’s lifespan. Less expensive shoes are made with materials that aren’t durable and you’ll end up spending more over time, because you’ll have to replace them constantly.

Prepare your shoes

The moment you purchase a new pair of shoes, ensure you prepare them properly before wearing them. Make sure you waterproof, condition and polish to ensure the shoe’s durability.

Avoid daily wear

Try as much as possible to alternate your shoes so they don’t wear out fast. When you rotate them constantly, they’ll rest and the insides will air out.

Repair rather than replace

In a situation where your shoes get damaged, don’t rush to replace them instead try repairing them first. In some cases, all you need to do is replace a sole.

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