Most people find it a tad difficult to select the exact pair of sunglasses that fits and accentuates their face. You don’t have to despair when you want to choose the perfect pair for daily wear.

By knowing what fits your face, choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses will come naturally to you. In this article, we’ve come up with some important tips for you to consider when you want to splurge on your next pair.

What you need to know

For starters, you have to choose the exact features you need such as coatings or polarized lenses. This goes a long way in combating oil, water and reflections.

Next, you have to select a frame shape that perfectly complements your face. The primary aim of doing this is to highlight your best features. In order to achieve this, the frames you wear should slightly contrast the shape of your face.

If you are not sure on your face shape – all you have to do is look in the mirror. Take a careful look at your face in the mirror and decide if you have a square, round, heart, oblong, triangular or diamond shaped face.

You can also take a picture of yourself to help visualize the shape of your face better. When you’ve determined this, you can go through the recommendations below to help select a pair of sunglasses that fit you best. There are various stylish options available that will accentuate your best features.


If your face is round, it’s best to avoid circles, except you want your round shaped face to be noticed often. Stay trendy with angular frames or you can stick to aviators or square frames.


It is very hard to get it wrong when you have an oval face. Almost every pair sunglass you try will look good on you. The only thing you have to be cautious about is that the frame should not be wider than your face.


For people with square jaws, it is best to go for frames with rounded corners. The frames you must choose should match in width, however, it must also have soft lines. Hard angles are a no – no for you.


Just like people with square faces, the best thing is for you to choose frames with rounded corners and softer lines. Stay away from small frames and remember, Wayfarer styles are your best bet.

Heart Shaped

If you have a narrow chin, square frames will complement your face perfectly. This will add different angles which gives your face an extra touch of class. Don’t wear tear drop shaped or oversized frames but go for frames with a sharp corner.


If you have a diamond shaped face, you’re in luck as most frames will fit perfectly – as long as they are in line with your facial proportions. If you wear frames that are wider than your cheek bones, it’ll make your faces’ widest point look wider – in turn, this will make your forehead and chin look smaller.


Tear drop shaped frames will highlight dimensional balance and square frames that come with deep lenses will work perfectly with your face.

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