Summer 2020 Fashion Trend: Find the Next Outfit Before All the Celebs Do

The weather is warming up, and it’s time you ditch the jackets and coats! With a brand new season comes a whole stack of cute trends to try.

This year we get to see a couple of the usual looks, but there are some trends that totally caught us by surprise. Like the return of the milkmaid look and there’s also the bike shorts.

There are lots of options on the runway, Instagram, high street stores, and Pinterest that knowing what’s hot and trending can sometimes get confusing.

That’s why in this feature, we’ve compiled this summer’s top looks that include fun colors as well as shoe trends.

Read on.

Milkmaid Dresses and Tops

This season’s hottest trend that has been creeping up on us and many are still unaware of is the milkmaid look. Slowly and steadily, this style has made its way into several retail stores.

The adorable dresses and tops feature square necks, bow ties, and puff sleeves. They tend to be exceptionally versatile – the dresses can be paired up with sneakers for a fun casual look or dressed up with heels for a chic look.

For the milkmaid tops, you can wear them with virtually everything from a pair of jeans to your slip skirt.  

Slip Skirts

All fans of slip dresses will surely fall in love with this trend. The velvet slip dress was all the craze in the 90s.

Now its little sister – the slip skirt – is the one rising fast in the hierarchy of the hottest must-have outfits this season. Somewhat less revealing than the once-popular super-tight midi skirts, the satin or silk slip skirt skims and flatter the body in a sexy way.

To grunge it up, team your slip skirt with a vintage tee and boots or create a poised look by pairing the skirt with your heels and a plain bandana.

Biker Shorts

In the past few years, trends in fashion have merged both sportswear and streetwear styles. Brands like Yeezy are one of those that have made the athleisure styletrend like never before.

The biker shorts, the leader of all athleisure outfits, can be paired with your cropped sweatshirt and sneakers or a baggy sweater and boots.

Matching Two-Piece Outfits

We are seeing one of the hottest styles from winter, the matching sets, carry on into summer. Expect to see tops with matching cute pants as well as pencil skirts paired and identically patterned crops this season.

Currently, a limited number of printed sets are still floating around. However, as the season is progressing, the bold colored co-ord sets will fully emerge.


Pastel shades, in particular, blue, green, purple, yellow, and pink are the hot colors right now. And why not? They are super inclusive and perfect for summer.

Also, they are super cool for a night out with your buddies, or if you’re going for the activewear look. An additional plus is it’s not so hard to find the shade that matches your skin tone.   

Color Pop Shoes

This trend is all about brightly colored pairs, and it isn’t exactly for the faint of heart. Why do we love these shoes besides their fresh, gorgeous look? For someone who isn’t so confident about wearing bright colored attires – let say, shouty red coat or bright blue shirt –  bright-colored footwear is a good way to start building up that confidence.  

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