Whenever you incorporate your fashion accessories into your clothing, do you consciously create talking pieces of who you are with them? Or let’s put it differently, do the accessories that you put on at any given time tell a story?

Many of us buy accessories for important milestone celebrations in their lives, like during weddings and graduations. While some go further to treat themselves to fashion statement pieces to mark big business deals, and travels, or vacations.

After these events, did you ever use these items again, or did you stash them in a drawer, permanently forgotten? When buying accessories for any occasion, besides going for a piece that you love, it’s also better to choose something that can suit multiple occasions.

That way, you can mix and match the different pieces for other occasions to add a stunning twist to your outfit and showcase your story. For example, if you’re aiming for a sporty look, that simple diamond pendant you got for landing your first gig could add a subtle sparkle to your look and inspire you for the rest of the day.

For a casual dinner, you can grab your bright graduation clutch and the statement necklace you bought on your last vacay to add a pop of color to your LBD. While for an outing at a luxe venue where you want to look dazzling, your pearly n’ sparkly wedding purse might just do the trick.

The happy events associated with these accessories will surely set a positive tone for the rest of your evening.

There is no limit to how you can mix your accessories. Even if they look like an odd pair, as long as you THOUGHTFULLY match the pieces to go together to create the UNIQUE look you want – that should be your goal. You have to learn to be 100% unapologetically you!

If you’re feeling down or missing your parents, why don’t you incorporate the sassy belt your mom gave you as a birthday gift and the elegant twist pin from your dad into your look. Let the accessories remind you of their love and lift your spirit that day.

Do you want to feel Sasha fierce for an upcoming business meeting that’s making you anxious? Why not integrate accessories bought when you nailed something big into your outfit for the meeting to tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT.

It’s essential to get accessories that can fit into many looks. Then don’t be too timid about trying new things. Leave your comfort zone and don that additional necklace that tells your story… or mix it up with your other metals or maybe your moto boots!

Just be certain that when you mix and match, it makes sense and creates an attractive look. Even if you are not the jewelry type, you can still tell a story by putting on a watch that comes with an uplifting story – probably the one your husband gifted you when you got engaged.

Happy Accessorizing!

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