We tend to associate the quality of products with their price. This is particularly true for clothes and dress shirts.

Generally, the assumption is the costlier a dress shirt is, the higher will be the quality. But sometimes, this isn’t always the case.

When shopping for your next shirt, higher prices alone may not get you the best quality available. There are other important factors a savvy gentleman has to learn to watch out for.

Below are quick steps you can take to select a quality dress shirt that is stylish and comfortable on you.

Pay Attention to the Garment Details

You have to understand the details that go into the making of a high-quality shirt.

For instance, you’ll notice that many quality shirts come with single stitch threading. Their stitches per inch are more, and when you turn them inside out, they’re well finished.  

Make sure you look at the buttons. Usually, most high-grade shirts have mother-of-pearl buttons rather than the cheap plastic buttons. Also, you want to examine the threading that holds each button in place – that they’re tight.

Look At The Shirt Finish

Turn the dress shirt inside out to see if there are loose threads. Check the gussets, are they sewn tightly sewn and finished?

Check the buttonholes, are they stitched loosely and falling off? What about the plackets, are they sewn neatly? A quality shirt that would end up quite sturdy should look impeccable and be beautifully finished.


The best fabrics are cotton and linen. Cotton is durable and can be worn at any time of the year. It is soft and suitable for formal occasions and work.

Linen, too, is a durable material, and it has an even crispier look than cotton. It is best worn in cooler seasons due to its heat-retaining nature.

That being said, you may want to steer clear of fabrics like polyester because they tend to look flimsy, shiny, and cheap. Moreover, they are not as breathable as cotton.

Another material you should consider well before buying is a non-iron dress shirt. Though they may be advertised as being wrinkle-free, the treatments used to produce the shirts do make them shiny and can stifle airflow, which will cause you to sweat more.

Should you decide to buy a non-iron shirt, you should try it on before you buy it to test whether or not you like the feel on your body.

Testing the Body Fit of a Dress Shirt before Buying

Torso Fit

Generally speaking, a dress shirt that’s right for you should fit nicely and with little to no excess material. It also shouldn’t be so tight that it looks like it’s going to pop open anytime soon.

If you’re big, don’t go for a shirt with an oversized torso area because if it billows, it’ll make your midsection region appear even bigger.

Image Credit: Airmanpilotshirts

Collar Fit

The 2-finger rule states that when your collar is buttoned, two of your fingers should be able to slide into your collar smoothly.

Image Credit: Airmanpilotshirts

Shoulder Fit

The shoulder seams should follow the curves of your shoulder. If they’re too high, they’ll hinder motion, too low will make them look sloppy.

Image Credit: Airmanpilotshirts

Sleeve Length

In a relaxed position, your sleeve length should rest a few centimeters after your wrist joint. Your watch should be exposed and still touch the cuff.

Image Credit: Airmanpilotshirts

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