Have you found yourself recently browsing through fashion websites, or thumbing through a tabloid and secretly wishing you could look like your favorite celebrities?

Don’t worry. We got simple but useful tips to make the unattainable accessible to stylish ladies like you!

We get that many of us may have the desire and the natural fashion sense, but our budget makes looking like a star an impossible feat.

To this end, we’ve gathered the best tips on how you can dress from head to toe like the celebs – even better – for a fraction of the price.   

Mix Low and High-End Pieces

Mixing low and high-end clothing accessories is the trick many dedicated fashionistas and celebrities have used for ages to create their own unique identities.

This act has also saved these high profile personalities some cash. As turning out in expensive garb everyday and all year round may break the bank for some of them.

Why not copy this trick and elevate your cheap clothes by pairing your sophisticated pieces with your simple and low-cost basics.

One way is to have a high-quality smart coat or blazer you can match with your cheap dresses and T-shirts.  

Tailor Your Clothes

One of the greatest luxuries of all times is having clothes that sit right on you. When a tailor finishes altering your cheap dress to match your figure, it’ll give it a more pricey look.

If you can operate a sewing machine, you’ll even save more as you don’t have to pay another person for your alterations.

Match Outfits with Elegant Jewelry

Glittering jewels or a flash of silver or gold will add a touch of luxury and draw the eye to the cheapest and simplest of outfits.

Invest in one or two signature and versatile pieces, as this will lift your look better than having plenty of costume jewelry.

Buy Natural Fibers

Both expensive and cheap gears look great on the shelf and the first time you put them on. It is after a couple of washing and wearing the quality of the fabric becomes clear.

When bargain hunting, focus on natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, and silk, they last longer You may want to forgo synthetic fabrics that are shiny, as that is one giveaway of low-cost clothes.

Buy a Couple of Really Cool Accessories

If you have a few fashion accessories like brand name sunglasses, purse, or high-end shoes, you can match them up with a tank top.

Couple that with your jeans and a scarf tied stylishly around your neck, you’re already looking “paparazzi ready”. The good thing about these pieces is that you can use them as many times as possible.

Always Keep Neat, Beautiful Nails and Hair

When it comes to dressing like a celeb for less, one of the few things you can do is to keep a fresh manicure and pedicure. To add to that, regularly maintain a clean, stylish hairdo.

Hit The Stores After The Awards Season

If you’ve ever noticed, right after the award season, many stores will immediately start carrying knock-off versions of celebs outfits that appeared on the red carpet.

Some mass-producing garment factories are always on the lookout for red carpet dresses and trendy, high-end clothes in order to copy them. Therefore, when you see a certain look anywhere that you like, get the picture and go hunt the stores.

You may come across an imitation or something very close and at a fraction of the price.

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