A watch though small and almost noticeable…well almost, is an accessory than can either build or break your overall get-up. Since men wear minimal jewelry, a watch then becomes the main accessory that expresses their personality. 

Matching your watch to an outfit isn’t always an easy task. Your best guide to making your watch a complementary, elevating addition to your outfit is to pair with the occasion’s dress code in mind.

For example, if you’ll be wearing a jacket, then it’s a good idea to pair it with a slim and elegant dress watch.

To help you make the best pairings between your clothes and your watches every single time, keep the next three guidelines in mind.

But wait!

Before we go on, what if because of budget, travel or other reasons, you’ll be sporting only one watch at all times. So which watch fits all outfits and occasions that you should buy or take along on your travel?

A Multipurpose Watch

If you plan to buy one watch and wear it for all occasions, it’s ideal to go for something stylistically neutral – that can be paired with any dress color and different levels of formality.

Additionally, an excellent all-purpose watch has to be reasonably restrained. A plain metal face and band will do better than leather.

If you want to buy two watches, your options definitely open up. One may be shiny and broad for a conversation piece, while the other understated and sleek for maximum formality.

An Analog or a Digital Watch – What’s the Difference?

Analog watches come with a face that displays numbers or markers showing the 12-hour day and minute and hour hands.

The watches are seen as more formal and classic, making them the ideal choice for a date, formal, or business events.

Digital watches, on the other hand, have a LED face or LCD display that tells time in the numeric form. These types of watches are better suited for casual outings.

Now that we’ve gotten those out of the way, let’s get back to the three watch-pairing rules that are relevant and timeless in any circumstance.

Rule 1    Leather Matches Leather

The color of your leather watchband should match with your shoes and belts.

For example, a brown watchband should be worn with brown shoes and belts, and a black band with black shoes and belt.

Rule 2    Metal Matches Metal

The metal color of a watch should match the metal accents of your cuff links, the buckles on your trousers’ side adjusters, shoe buckles, and any other jewelry piece on your attire.

A gold-plated watch can be worn with shoes and clothes in earthy tones, rose gold watch pairs with a gold belt buckle. And a silver watch complements blue, black, or grey shoes and outfit.

Rule 3    Match Your Watch to the Level of Formality of the Dress Code

Business: For business, a thin dial, classic and simple styled silver or gold watch will do. You could pair your dark suit with a leather strapped diver watch or a classic dress watch.

Black or white tie event:  Simplicity is the key here. So choose a simple, classic-styled watch with a black leather band.

Casual: A metal band complements most casual wears. You could also opt for a leather watch, as it’s suitable for all occasions.

Lastly, pick a watch that is proportionate to your body size. Bigger men can work boxier and robust-faced watches, while slim men should wear slim watches.

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