Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t have to endure discomfort because you want to look good. Pain isn’t beauty!

Any day you dress, do you always come back aching and groaning that why does wearing nice clothes have to be such a trial?

You don’t have to suffer any longer. Scroll on to learn how to buy the right clothes that will make you more beautiful, confident, and still remain comfortable.

Know Your Shape

No two bodies are the same, and your body shape is unique to you. Have a GOOD IDEA of your size, shape, and skin tone, as it will help you buy the clothes that fit best.

No matter how attractive you are or how beautiful a cloth is, if it is not the right one for you, you won’t feel comfortable or look your best in it.

So, before hitting the stores, think deeply about what compliments your figure.

Choose Well-Tailored Garments

Always buy dresses that don’t make you feel like you’re trapped in a sausage casing.

A well-tailored cloth that would be comfortable on you shouldn’t bulge or ripple the way a stretchy bodycon dress would. Ideally, it should only follow your bodyline.

Buy Clothing That Make Movement Easy

Try to move around when trying on something new. Don’t test the cloth by just standing in it. Crouch in it a bit, jump, run, and try to move your hands up and down to see how comfortable it feels in all the postures.

Even if you feel awkward and skipped checking every posture, make sure you NEVER forget sitting. Arguably, the time we spend sitting is more than we do standing.

So, try to sit in a cloth, check that it looks good and is comfortable before making a purchase.

Buy Natural, Breathable Materials

Always choose fabrics like cotton over the skin-suffocating synthetics, as they tend to be more comfortable on the skin.

Natural fibers allow the flow of air, which doesn’t make your body heat get trapped. Thus, you won’t sweat that much.

Wear Stylish Sneakers and Flats Instead Of High Heels

Sneakers, flats, and low chunky heels can be just as sophisticated and sleek as a stiletto. Plus, they’re totally chic. Work or weekend, day or night.

When buying close-toed flats for a formal look, select the pointed end design over the round end.

For open-toed flats or sandals, the colored, black, or off-white colors are more suited for formal settings than the brown flats and sandals.

Get Shoe Insoles

If you absolutely MUST wear heels, get some shoe insoles to make the shoes more comfortable for you.

According to the American Osteopathic Association, shoe insoles provide a little bit cushioning for the balls of the feet, thereby making an otherwise uncomfortable heel more bearable.

Shoe insoles also absorb shock when the user walks.

Be Stylish While Wearing Loose-Fitting Pieces

Loose-fitting or baggy clothes that show some skin can be as sexy as tight-fitted clothes. If you’re wearing loose pants or skirt, pair it with upper wear that shows off your shoulders, back, arms, or chest.

And if it’s a big top you’re sporting, let what you wear on the bottom be short.

In today’s world of diverse fashion pieces, there’s no need to sacrifice your comfort because you want to look put together. There are varieties of chic and comfy styles to pick from if you know the things to look for!

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